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Media Arrangements for the “Science Hearings”

May 02, 2005

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The coalition for science announces:

Media Arrangements for the “Science Hearings”
May 5, 6 and 7, 2005

Media booth:

• Where: First floor lobby of Memorial Hall.

• When: Throughout the day, as your schedule dictates.

• We will have people available who can answer questions, give brief interviews, and otherwise help you.

• Stop by and pick up a media kit as you arrive.

• Coalition members and spokespersons will be wearing identifying badges and nametags. Feel free to ask these people questions whenever you like.

Broadcast Media briefing:

• To accommodate evening news schedules, the coalition will have representatives present at the media booth at 3:00 pm each day. The representatives will have a short statement on the day’s events to that point, and will be available for questions and interviews.

Daily Analysis of the Hearings by the Science Community

Thirty (30) minutes after the close of the hearings each day
Room 519 S
State Capitol Building
(Across the street from Memorial Hall. The only visitor’s entrance is located at the northwest corner of the Capitol building.)

Each day the coalition will present a press conference thirty (30) minutes after the close of the hearings. Members of the science and science education community will provide reaction and counter-point to what you have heard throughout the day. There will a short press briefing by a panel of coalition leaders, and then an opportunity for the press to ask questions, obtain interviews, and so on. We will repeat our presentation to accommodate media schedules if necessary.

Light fare: Hunger will be an issue this late in the day, so the coalition will provide a light meal to share with the media. Feel free to drop by a bit early and visit.

Contact information:

Harry McDonald
913-897-9630 – home

Jack Krebs
785-863-2281 – work
785-832-0739 – home