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Steve Case responds to Abrams editorial

(Post: May 12, 2005)

Dr. Steve Case’s reply to Steve Abrams editorial

Steve Abrams editorial, Wichita Eagle, of May 11, 2005

I feel that I have to respond to Dr. Abram's letter in the Wichita Eagle. Dr Abrams ends his letter with a quote from Thomas Cooper; "only fraud and falsehood dread examination. Truth invites it." I would suggest that he be careful what he wishes for. Throughout the Standards process, the expert panel appointed by the State Board has worked very hard to follow the process by which curriculum standards are developed. It is by this kind of adherence to a well structured process and by following the rules, that documents of this nature establish creditability. This process, a two thirds majority of the committee has produced an excellent document. At all times we have maintained a high degree of respect for all of the people involved in standards process and at all times made absolutely certain that all voices were heard.

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Steve Abrams editorial, Wichita Eagle

(Post: May 12, 2005)

Posted on Wed, May. 11, 2005, Editorial, printed in Wichita Eagle. (link to Eagle.)

Steve Case responds to this editorial.

Hearings were about good science


It is a sad commentary on the state of public affairs that persons as learned as reporters and editorial board members of The Eagle still have no clue as to what is happening with the Kansas science curriculum standards.

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Pedro Irigonegaray Closing Arguments

(Post: May 12, 2005)

Closing Arguments in support of Draft II of the science standards will be given today by Pedro Irigonegaray. A PDF file of his slides follow.

Download file

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Explanation for the Boycott

(Post: May 12, 2005)

A short explanation for the decision by the scientific community to not participate in the hearings:

The hearings were set up completely outside of the established process for revising science standards.

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Events Schedule

(Post: May 12, 2005)

Sequence of events relating to coalition for science
May 12, 2005 in Topeka

(see for updated info)

Thursday, May 12, 8:30 AM
Pedro Irigongaray, Memorial Hall,
Representing mainstream science as reflected in Draft 2 as submitted by the Kansas Science Writing Committee

Will give interviews after event closes.

coalition for science contact information:

Harry McDonald
913-897-9630 – home
816-863-7580 – cell

Jack Krebs
785-840-5113 – cell
785-863-2281 – work
785-832-0739 – home

Keith Miller
785-537-5066 - home
785-532-2250 - work

The coalition for science consists of

Kansas Academy of Sciences (KAS)
Kansas Citizens for Science (KCFS)
Kansas Families United for Public Education (KFUPE)
The MAINstream Coalition
Kansas Association of Biology Teachers (KABT)
Kansas Association of Teachers of Science (KATS)

And over 200 other individuals from all over Kansas, and growing daily.

Kansas Citizens for Science Calls Evolution Hearings a Sham and Embarrassment to Kansas

(Post: May 11, 2005)



Wednesday, May 11, 2005

DATE: Wednesday, May 11, 2005
ORGANIZATION: Kansas Citizens for Science
CONTACT: Harry McDonald, KCFS president, 913-897-9630 home; 816-863-7580 cell
Jack Krebs, 785-840-5113 cell; 785-863-2281 work; 785-832-0739 home

Kansas Citizens for Science Calls Evolution Hearings a Sham and Embarrassment to Kansas.

In a letter today to State Board of Education chair Steve Abrams, Kansas Citizens for Science denounced last week's hearings on evolution as a "sham" and a "kangaroo court," and urged the Board to adopt the science standards endorsed by the Board's Science Standards Writing Committee.

The letter, signed by KCFS president Harry McDonald, said it was evident to all that the Hearing Committee made up their minds before the hearings started and had not even bothered to read the science standards they were debating. The boycott of the hearings by scientists was amply justified. "There is no scientific controversy over evolution," said McDonald. "Evolution is a fact and evolutionary theory is one of the best-documented concepts in modern science."

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Position Paper

(Post: April 15, 2005)

Coalition for Science

Coalition of Organizations and Individuals Supporting Quality Science Education in Kansas

Position Paper on the State Science Standards
April 15, 2005

Science has been stunningly successful in increasing human understanding of the natural world and in improving our quality of life. Yet science education is under attack. We support quality science education in public schools, and we oppose politically motivated attempts to insert theological concepts into science in public education classrooms.

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Coalition Defends Quality Science Education in Kansas

(Post: April 14, 2005)

April 14, 2005

Coalition Defends Quality Science Education in Kansas

Four organizations dedicated to quality education have joined in a coalition in response to recent attacks on quality science education in Kansas.

The Kansas Academy of Science, Kansas Citizens For Science, Kansas Families United for Public Education, and The MAINstream Coalition have united to issue the attached Position Paper on the State Science Standards in support of the work of the state science standards committee and in opposition to the upcoming “science hearings” to be held by three conservative members of the Kansas Board of Education.

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