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Pedro Irigonegaray Closing Arguments

May 12, 2005

Closing Arguments in support of Draft II of the science standards will be given today by Pedro Irigonegaray. A PDF file of his slides follow.

Download file

Introduction and Outline
1. I represent Draft 2 of the science standards. I support mainstream science, the position
of the Coalition for Science, and the boycott of these hearings by scientists.
2. Draft 2 accurately represents science as neutral in respect to the nature of spiritual
reality. The Minority report, however, advances a narrow theological view of science that
conflicts with mainstream Christianity and many other faiths.
3. These hearings have been an unjustified waste of taxpayer money intended
• to justify the Board’s support for inserting creationist claims into the science standards,
• to provide a showcase for the national Intelligent Design movement.
4. The Minority report and witnesses have misrepresented many educational issues,
including the role of standards and the Draft 2 position on teaching students the skills of
scientific inquiry.
5. The Minority report’s position on allowing supernatural causes in science and their
denial of common descent are not genuine scientific controversies. The
Intelligent Design movement’s anti-evolutionary claims have had virtually no
impact on mainstream science.
6. The state of Kansas is being used by the national Intelligent Design movement and
their Wedge strategy.
7. Consequences of adopting the minority proposals include harming the scientific
education of children, harming the reputation of Kansas, harming our ability to
attract bioscience and related industries to Kansas, and risking spending
thousands of dollars on potential court cases.
8. There are serious legal issues associated with the Minority report
• establishment clause issues: the Minority position advances a particular
theological view and does not advance a secular purpose:
• issues concerning the abuse of discretionary power by the Board
• issues concerning the requirement of the state to provide an adequate